The Dogology Box

The Train, Treat & Play box

The Ultimate subscription box for your Dog!

What’s Inside?

Our monthly boxes contain a range of treats, chews, toys, and FREE training advice including a training tip leaflet & training video directly to your door. Each month, your pooch will receive a different range of our goodies, hand picked to give your dog enjoyment through training, playing and munching!

We only choose high quality toys, brain game activities, healthy doggy edibles to provide your pooch with the waggiest tail ever!

The only subscription box to offer training advice and tips and a range of obedience based training via a leaflet & QR code. All our advice is from The Canine Academy Training and Behaviour – a FORCE FREE, REWARD BASED dog training company.

Why is training important?

-It helps to prevent any unwanted behaviours such as toileting indoors, chewing and inappropriate barking from occurring.
– Your dogs brain needs jobs to do, to prevent boredom from occurring and problems happening. By training your dog to do tasks, tricks or even walking nicely on a lead, will improve self control, and will tire them out! Mental enrichment is arguably the most important tool you will ever use for your dog to maintain a well-balanced, happy pooch.
-Enrichment! Enriching your dogs life through games, will increase the bond, and overall happiness of your dog. A happy pooch means a happy owner!
All of our boxes includes FREE delivery!